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めっちゃおもろい NEWS & 関ジャニ∞ Episodes (.^o^.)

~☆~Bringing you funny and cute episodes~☆~

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NEWS & 関ジャニ∞ Episode Books Community
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meccha_omoroi (めっちゃおもろい) is kansai-ben. (.^o^.)

Meccha (めっちゃ) → very or incredibly
Omoroi (おもろい) → fun or interesting

Hence, the title to this community is:
めっちゃおもろい NEWS & 関ジャニ∞ Episodes (Very Fun/Interesting NEWS & Kanjani8 Episodes). (.^_^.)

NEWS & 関ジャニ∞ Episode Books Community

Hello, I'm debbie_chan♪ This may seem sort of like an odd community because I'm basically the only one posting stuff, but oh well. (.^o^.) I've created this community because I've been translating lots of stuff, and one of the most popular translations were the episodes that I've translated from the NEWS Episode books and Kanjani∞ Episode books. (.^o^.) Everytime I translate the episodes, I've tried my best to spread it to everyone by posting it in the appropriate communities, but I thought that it would be much easier if I just had one place to post it (other than my LJ). Therefore, here is the place I have created solely for all the episodes I have translated and will continue to translate. (.^o^.)


These stories do not belong to me. I have just translated them from the 関ジャニ∞エピソードBOOK and the NEWSエピソードBOOK, so they belong to スタッフ関ジャニ∞ and スタッフNEWS. Even if I am translating and scanning Episodes for everyone, I encourage everyone to buy at least one of these books in the near future, if they can. Let's all support 関ジャニ∞ & NEWS! Thank you.

Anyone is welcomed to join but please read the rules first and if you agree to abide by them, then click the link to join the community located above and then comment with the password so that I can add you. (.^o^.)


☆. Do not diss anyone. It's not nice. LOL That sounds real cheesy, but I'm serious. Especially Ryo-chan, if someone disses him in this community or in my LJ, I will quit translating (okay, I won't quit completely, but I will F-lock all of them and only post them in my LJ). So, yes, let's all keep a happy environment. (.^o^.)

☆. Do not steal these translations and post them somewhere else. I've taken a lot of time translating and scanning these for you guys so please don't be cruel and take them. Of course you can save them in your memories and/or print them to keep a copy for yourself, that's perfectly fine. (.^o^.)

☆. Please do not get upset because you've noticed that I tend to translate a lot of episodes with Ryo-chan in them. For those of you who know me, you know that Ryo-chan is my #1 guy, so I tend to go overboard and get all ♪happy happy happy♪ over spreading Ryo-chan stuff. (.^o^.) Oh and yes, Uchi-darling is in a lot of the episodes too. However, right now, I've been on the mission to translate at least one episode of each NEWS and Kanjani∞ member. But, you will still get lots of Ryo-chan, Hiroki-kun and Yuya-kun love from me♥(.^o^.)

☆. Please comment after you read an episode. I like hearing about everyone's take on the episodes and I enjoy reading everyone's reactions. (.^o^.)

☆. To make sure that you read and agreed with the rules, here is the password that I would like you to place in your comments so that I can add you to the community (you can just copy and paste, since it is Japanese): 何でやねん!? (Nandeyanen!?)

☆. It would be really cool if you can tell me how you came upon my community. I'm a curious soul. (.^_^.)

Some information (.^o^.)

I have no idea if the information in these book is accurate or not, but some episodes seem to coincide with things that JE artists say in talk-shows and interviews.

What is an Episode book?
These Episode books are books that are full of episodes that you can't read about anywhere else, involving our favorite Johnny's groups. The stories are written by the Johnny's staff working with the groups. In other words, the Kanjnai∞ Episode books are written by the Kanjani8 staff and the NEWS Episode books are written by the NEWS staff. (.^o^.) There are episode books for KAT-TUN, Kinki-Kids, Arashi and many more.

Which Episode books do you translate?
I translate the Kanjani∞ Episode books and NEWS Episode books, that I have. However, some episodes have appearances by people from KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kinki-Kids, and other Johnny's members as well. (.^o^.)

Will you translate other Episode books too?
If I decide to buy the other books, yes I will translate it for you guys. (.^o^.) Right now, I'm trying to get all the Kanjani∞ Episode books. I would love to get all the NEWS Episode books but there are several of them out already, so unless I miraculously turn rich, I will not be able to get them all. *sad* I've considered buying KAT-TUN Episode books, but as of now, I buy only Kanjani∞ and NEWS books.


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For other translations, you can check out my LJ: 愛以外のなんでもない.


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