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デビーちゃん [userpic]
by デビーちゃん (debbie_chan)
at March 17th, 2007 (03:56 pm)

☆Current Mood☆: busy
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Hi everyone

First off, I would like to say welcome to all the new members. Sorry I haven't had time to reply back to everyone's comments, instead I'm lame and I'm thanking all of you for joining, in this one post. (.^___^.)

It's already March! The next episode that I will be translating and posting will be a Maru episode. (.^o^.) Hopefully, I will have that up by this month. 

Anywho, see you around. **Waves** Good luck with all your studies and/or your job.

Your Mod, 


Posted by: A. (justawhim07)
Posted at: March 18th, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)

haha thanks for translating everything! :) :) love your translations! and the eps are all so funny! hehehe. thanks a lot for your work! (lol is that one too many thanks?) heh, i wish i could help you but lol i dont understand japanese :/ (ohwells) if you ever need help and i can help, i would! haha. :D

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